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Our team thrives on varied experiences and perspectives, fostering innovation & growth. We have seasoned strategists, psychologists, product experts, technology architects, media mavens on this exciting cruise that we have embarked on!



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In our dynamic and collaborative environment, teamwork and synergy flourish, creating a powerful force for positive transformation.



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Our self-driven team members are fueled by unwavering dedication, bringing their unique passions to drive impactful change in the wellness space.

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Are you ready to make a profound impact on people's lives?

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Our team is fueled by passion, innovation, and a shared mission to create positive change.

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At Anyo, the possibilities for personal and professional growth are limitless.

Join us and be a catalyst for transformative wellness.

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all job openings

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At Anyo, we learn to get better what we do best - so If you believe in the power of continuous improvement and honing your skills, come join us :)

Graphic Design Intern


Here's a chance to be a design whiz and content creator at Anyo. We are a wellness app helping users navigate stress everyday and use the power of their energy levels to achieve peak potential. As a graphic design intern, you'll conjure up captivating audiovisual content that sparks joy and ignites a sense of calm in the user's hearts. Whether it's designing quote graphics, quirky and informative short videos, crafting meditative soundscapes, creating mesmerizing motion graphics for our in-app content and social media marketing, we are looking for an intern who finds the AI world exciting to explore. If you want to experience how creativity meets compassion at Anyo, pls write to us with your profile and portfolio

  • Use AI-driven design tools along with being BFFs with software like Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator) and video-editing tools
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